Sunday, 26 January 2014

The Hunt Part XIV - Ferrari 400i - Panasonic RM-710

It's time for another update on my hunt. By now it's April 20th 2013 and number fourteen is targetted. I had been already in contact with this person for a while. But due to the winter and some required maintenance that was needed I could not visit it earlier.

It was for sale for quite a while for a interesting price. As usual I had done a bit of research and noticed it was spotted before on the following website:

The wooden front for the radio console more or less confirmed it was the same car - I had received a few pictures from the owner in advance so that was easy to check.

From the website you will understand I had high expectations as it looked very promising.

Unfortunately the car did not had any documentation or maintenance records. Also the toolkit was missing. When I arrived they were washing the car as it was a bit dirty. It was still in it's Original paint and didn't show any sign of spraying. However the right door panel had a huge paint spot which was caused by a rallye sticker that was removed.
The blinking lights showed much sun exposure and the dashboard had  a huge tear at he ventilator section. The interior looked ok but it didn't had the Original steering wheel.
It had however an extremely outta space radio. LOVE IT !!! It was a Panasonic RM-710. Just see the pictures for it's coolness.

As for technical bits, the distributionchain  adjustment screw showed it did required a new chain. The engine was running very poor. They just had installed a new MDS electronic ignition unit and a Jaguar distriubtor cap (!!) - aparently that functions. They were still working on finetuning it.

As it was located in a garage I also could inspect it underneath. De suspension and shocks looked very good. But the exhaust was extremely poor, as far one could consider it a proper exhaust.

Some of the breaks were also stuck and due to the ongoing repairs the asking price likely would go up. So in the end I considered it to much hassle and becoming to expensive to get it in my desired state. So another one off the list.






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