Thursday, 23 January 2014

Prince Bernhard Ferrari 400i

Another blog about Prince Bernhard. There is so much history on this man, but also on his cars. You can write a book about it. In fact that's exactly what someone did. The book is called "de automobielen van Prins Bernhard. Unfortunately I haven't found one for sale, yet ... As known, he owned a 365 GT4 2+2, a 400i and a 412. The book should contain some interesting pictures about these.

I got ahold of a copy of the "Cavallino - the journal of Ferrari history" - "Ferrari Royale". It's available in the download folder. It's an edition about the 250 GT Speciale Coupe owned by prince Bernhard.  It does include a nice overview of all his Ferrari's. See snapshot:  

Again the Dutch Ferrari register had a unique picture stored of this 400i with Bernhard on it. Remarkably the number plate does not match. It should be JK-69-LN.

Just for the records, another unique picture of Bernhard and Pininfarina in his shop:

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