Saturday, 4 January 2014

Charles Zwolsman - Ferrari 400 - Ferrari Meera S

Yesterday I bought a book called “de jacht op crimineel geld” (the hunt for criminal money). I quickly skim read it and of course it also touchbased on drugs dealers and their cars. One of them was Charles Zwolsman. He was also very fond on exclusive cars and racing. He possessed a large collection of cars, including Ferrari’s. So I did a quick check and found out he once owned the Meera S but also had a 400 in his collection - to be precise a grey 400i with red leather interior.

So I guess the article comment about a drug dealer was right after all ... See blog update about Heineken : "In the Ferrari 400 you expect a drug dealer in stead of a wealthy tycoon" LOL Talking about good company ;-)

I found some pictures of the auction where his collection got sold (in 2001 by the Dutch government – De Domeinen - the cars were already confiscated somewhere in the nineties). Charles ended up in jail and died 2 years ago in Nieuwegein.

On both pictures you can see the 400 and the Meera S displayed:

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