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Ferrari 400 - Project car - V12 Engine Rebuild

Due to an outstanding issue with the carburettors I was looking around on the web and found these YouTube movies of a dutch guy who also had a 400 carb version. The car was bought as a project and fully restored by himself. An impressive job which he captured and placed on YouTube. One of the vids was about leaking carburettors, which had my interest. So I seeked contact with him to get more advise on the carburettor issue. Peter appeared to be a friendly and helpful resource who responded quickly on my questions and gave additional useful tips. By now he has emigrated to Sweden. Of course his car collection moved along. Some very cool pictures are added below. Thanks for sharing Peter, much appreciated. And all the best in Sweden!

Since this is a very interesting restoration compilation I will add this to the projects section as well, so it can be easily found as reference.

Update (18-1-2014)  I just noticed this (Dutch) thread on Fchat - again a very usefull and detailled written report on his engine rebuild:

The Ferrari 400GT V12 engine rebuild (more vids of this V12 at my channel)

Geupload op 31 jan 2010
Saved this Ferrari 400GTA after it was abandoned by it's previous owner. Bought it with the engine in boxes... Was I mad or brave? You decide!

Check out our YT-channel for the first start-up and revving it without the airbox

Stay tuned for the next video where I will put life in de engine again. The first start-up is expected in a few weeks. The garage is too cold now to work in soooooo.....

Ferrari V12 coughs into life after 12 years!!! Finally the fine tuning can begin!

Geupload op 16 jun 2010
2 carbs need a full rebuild, ingition is way off and the cam timing needs to be double checked. But we are getting there!

And as I am missing some parts of 1 carb, I would like to ask all of you if you know someone the will sell me an old Weber DCOE 38 mm 110/111

Ferrari V12 : leaking carbs kinda fixed, still needs ignition and finetuning

Geupload op 19 jun 2010
Next step, now it runs on all 12, though the new valves seem to be setting to the freshly ground seats, some compression loss. Still needs igition timing and carb tuning

Ferrari 400 V12, valve clearance needs to be adjusted

Geupload op 27 jun 2010
Rev counter and brake booster still not working yet, valve clearance needs to be set after the first hour of running.

First tests of the Ferrari 400 Automatic

Geupload op 8 jul 2010
vin 20297, carburator version. One of the first drives after a complete overhaul. Not yet tuned here and still needs carb synchro and ingition timing. After the first hour of testing the valve clearance can be adjusted.

Check out my chanel for updates on this V12 rebuild, dail-in and tuning
Ferrari 400 Testing , left bank ign sounds early, 1 carb off.

Geupload op 10 jul 2010
But at least it is shifing again, still rough but I blame the TC/flex. Still needs a full tune up and checking the valve clearence after the first hour of running in. The rattle is the TC to flexplate with one or 2 loose bolts . Engine is fine and does not make any bad noises. TC/flex does and will be fixed before the next test drive. Dialing in a carburated V12 with an automatic takes time ;-)

Ferrari 400 Automatic revving without airfilters, one carb sneeze

Geupload op 6 mrt 2011
Engine is rebuilt, but needs tuning of carbs and ignition. Used a photocamera so the sound is not really great, but it'll do. Check out the other videos on my channel, I will put up a vid after every fix of this project.

Ferrari 400GT after ignition & carb tuning, some revs without filters

Geupload op 19 mrt 2011
The sound of the open intake is deafening. All flies and other insects were sucked in within a 10ft radius ☺

Check out all rebuilding videos of this V12 at my channel

Ferrari 400 V12 revving after ignition job. Great sound!

Geupload op 19 mrt 2011
A day of tuning the webers and ingnition. Now it sounds like a Daytona again!

We had to limit the revs to 5300 rpm as this engine still has not has not completed the normal break-in sequence yet. After about 1500km/1000mls we can rev it to the redline ☺

Ferrari 400 Automatic, first real drive after overhaul of the V12 engine

Geupload op 27 mrt 2011
Today I took het out for her first drive after the engine was rebuilt. All looks well and the drive was great. Good sound of the engine, though carbs could use some extra work..
The TH350 gearbox was low on oil, so shfts were a crude. The new high capacity pan and gasket are on their way, so that will be fixed soon.

Update : Carbs are even better now. I'll post a new higher rev vid soon. In this vid the ma revs were about 3700/3800 max. According to the break in procedure I now can do 5400 rpm. It is a truely FAST GT Ferrari now ☺

Ferrari 400 GTa V12 break-in, revs, in-car vid and fly by

Geupload op 15 mei 2011
This is the first full power run of this Ferrari 400GT after the rebuild of this EPIC V12 engine. It sounds great, feels extremely powerful and it runs very, very smooth. I think some horses are still in the stable because of optimalisation of the carbs, so a dyno is planned for the near future.

BTW : @ 0:40 the pedal is ALL the way down :-D

Next video? Tunnels? :-D

Next job: oil change, gearbox gasket and a professional polish of the (as new) paintjob.

Tunnel run! Ferrari 400 V12 accelerating in some tunnels. Awesome sound

Geupload op 2 jun 2011
Did some tunnels today in the 400GT Automatic enjoying the amazing sound of this 340hp Lampredi V12.

To really hear the engine roar, use headphones or play it over an amp. Turn your speakers up!


The following pictures I found at:

Inbouw gereviseerde motor Ferrari 400 V12Motor inbouw Ferrari 400 V12 met automaat.

Deze Ferrari werd door de huidige eigenaar aangekocht met de motor er los bij, ter revisie.

Wij hebben de motor en bak weer terug gebouwd.
Door de grote omvang en het gewicht van het geheel kon dit niet met een reguliere motortakel , maar moesten we een portaalkraan gebruiken.

Nu nog een lege motorruimte

Het is een bijzonder krap in de motorruimte dus de carburateurs en luchtfilterhuizen dienden tijdelijk gedemonteerd te worden.

Wel moest de koppelomvormer gemonteerd worden.

Zodat de automatische versnellingsbak gemonteerd kan worden en het geheel er in 1 keer in gehangen kan worden.

Zorgvuldig de carosserie beschermen

Het is goed te zien wat een grote massa nauwkeurig in de motorruimte moet worden geplaatst

De speling bij het carter is minder dan 1 mm aan weerszijden tussen de langsdragers.

De V12 motor zit weer keurig op zijn plaats

Een keurig strakke motorruimte is het resultaat


Emigration transport to Sweden:


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