Tuesday 14 January 2014

Ferrari 400 Automobilia - Umberto - Panini - Maserati

Yesterday I scored a few Ferrari 400 collector stickers on Ebay. I know I wasn't suppose to buy and collect anymore 400 items. And maybe some of you consider these stickers a bit childish. But these are published by Panini. So for me that gave it a special touch, hence I placed a bid. And I appeared to be the only bidder so they are now underway.

I have visited the Panini museum a few times in the past. For those not familar with this museum:


At the time I made this video of the Maserati collection:

The collection was owned by Umberto Panini who recently died on 29th November at the age of 83.

The following website gives a bit more history regarding the background of the collection:


On our first visit we did got a tour on his cheese farm (Hombre) as well. I recall the cows on this farm did happen to be Dutch (Fries stamboekvee). As such I figured he had made a fortune with this Parmigiano Reggiano business. Of course I bought some cheese in the shop including some specific items:

But I was wrong. The Panini family made a fortune with football stickers. Check the Wikipedia for further info on their company: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Panini_Group

The following website paints a very good picture on Umberto's history and how he got involved in the sticker business. A must read:


From this you will learn that Umberto was also a great engineer. On his farm you will see lots of  art items crafted by himself. How about these nice iron window covers:

If you are interested you can buy albums and stickers online: http://www.paninigroup.com/ or

And coming weekend there will be the Interclassics in the MECC in Maastricht
(http://www.ic-tm.nl/en/). And the theme is 100 years of Maserati.

I have understood that also a few Maserati's from the Panini collection will be shown. So guess where I will be this weekend.

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