Thursday, 2 January 2014

Prince Bernhard 365 GT4 2 + 2

For those who are following this blog might remember this blog with a very unique photograph of Enzo and Bernhard:

As mentioned at the time, I got ahold of this picture from a Dutch newspaper:

I made contact with them to get more information about this picture. I was hoping it was a landscape photograph that could reveal more about the car and it's license plate. Unfortunately there was nothing more that could be shared. End of story. (Well, the journalist was interested in making a reportage about me and the 400 - which I more or less parked. But I got him in contact with a 130 nutter and his video is now online - maybe nice to make another blog about that in combination of a 400 item which is identically used in the 130).

To my surprise I found today the remaining half of the picture. Slightly poorer quality since it's a copy of a newspaper/magazine? But still, very cool. It clearly shows a Dutch license plate. So it's Bernhards's 365. As the blog update mentioned, prince Bernhard was so kind to wreck it. He has got quite a remarkable car history. But I did happen to find a picture of the wrecked 365 as well.

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