Sunday, 17 January 2016

MECC Interclassics 2016 - Ferrari 400 412

As indicated earlier I went today to the Interclassics 2016 in the MECC. I knew in advance there were going to be a few 400s presented for sale. So hereby an overview of them:

The first one I came across, forgot to make a picture on the car information. It's a car from Belgium. If I recall correctly it was offered for € 54.000,-  and an automatic.

The seconde one, a very nice 412 Automatic, VIN 60453. And what a nice combo:

The 3rd one, a 400i Automatic:

And the 4th one, this one was located at the Kroymans stand, a very nice Ferrari 400i Automatic. This was a really good specimen (except for the radio). It was sold already. Interestingly it was for sale two years ago and at the time sold as well:

Update 18-1-2016 : Guess what, it appears there are 2 Dutch 400i's with this same unique color setting (light green with dark green interior). I was informed this one for sale on Interclassics 2016 (VIN 35031) is not the same car as on Interclassics 2014 (VIN 42429). Both appears to be delivered by Kroymans as well. The only difference is the car radio ...

And the 5th one was located at the Coys auction section which was a secured area. It was the known King Hussain 400i. On my request to have a look the security guard checked for me but on his return he mentioned it was already sold and as such I was not further allowed to check.

The 6th one was the famous Prince Bernhards 412 Manual. And it was sold as well, apparently it stays in the Netherlands. The VIN is 59917 and it does not have a special mention in the serial handbook, except for the remark green/tan.

Typical no 365GT4 2+2 was for sale but I think a record off 400s for sale on a classic car show. All in all a very nice day spent.

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