Saturday, 23 January 2016

For Sale : Carrozzeria Pavesi Window document holder sticker - Ferrari Service

Since the donations are not flowing in and I'm still keen to extend the magazine articles I figured I need to generate a little more income to cover the expenses for buying them and to buy potential other items of interest. I do happen to have obtained a small batch of these very unique and Original Pavesi document holder stickers which you can put on your front window screen. Either nice to put on your own car or else to keep as a nice memorabilia item. My asking price is € 20,- which includes free shipping world wide. You can pay via the PayPal donation button and mention Pavesi in the comment field. Alternatively you can pay via IBAN, in that case contact me by emailing. My email address can be found at the bottom of my blog (about me).

As for Pavesi, unfortunately this company no longer exists. It seems they either stopped or went bankrupt last year. Their webiste is by now unfortunately hacked :
Via you can still look into their historical pages.

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