Saturday 9 January 2016

For Sale : Ferrari 412 RHD Automatica - Graziono Oerlikon

It's not unusual my radar catches cars for sale. This one is no exception, normally I don't publish these but this appeared to be an interesting one after I had it reported:

As can be read in the advert, it's an Original Italian car from the 1st owner with a very low mileage.
But it's the only RHD ordered directly from Pininfarina an not via UK Maranello Concessionnaires.
It was ordered by a wealthy Turin family but it was registered on their company name; Graziono Oerlikon. Interestingly this is a company specialized in transmissions: According to the Wiki since 1996 they also supply to Ferrari: With this history it's also interesting to see they ordered the automatic version. Still I'm unsure why they wanted it to be RHD? It was pointed out to me that despite this it has the normal LHD features, ie speedometer in KPH and lights. Furthermore it has some very specific items like head restraints and vanity mirror ... Apparently this one hasn't the left this garage since 2003.

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