Friday, 15 January 2016

Book : Ferrari Serial Numbers Manual - The Hillary Raab files - revisited 1947 - 2007 | VIN | Matthias Urban

A book I had seen before, it was listed on Ebay. And only for € 10,- Still I thought it would be a waste, so I left it. Not much later I regretted it and of course the book was no longer listed - even though they had quite a few on stock. But I noticed it was also listed on Amazon, even cheaper, for   € 9,86 -  including shipping! Originally the book cost about € 50,- And today I received. It's a bilingual book (German/English). And I have to say it's quite an impressive work. Of course my car was listed as well. Apart from the VIN some cars do have additional supporting information, like the color, engine nr, year, etc. For my car 27303 it mentions the following:

Automatic, Azzurro Metallic / Tan LHD EU Kroymans Collection

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