Sunday, 4 June 2017

Bumper repair part I

Yesterday I went to the car repair shop to get a first indication about the damage. I went to the same shop who did my front window replacement as they had done a quality job.

As I anticipated the bumper can't be repaired and needs to be replaced by a new one (likely that will become an immitation). On the 2nd picture you can see clearly two big dents, in between is where the bumper mounting bracket is located hence it's not dented. Potentially behind the bumper there is also damage that needs to be restored, hopefully nothing severe. The car shop owner also mentioned the rear exhaust was hit, something I did not spot but it looks like minimal though.

As the pictures reveal, on the right side the bumper is pushed completely to the rear back without any space left. From left to right the space fades away completely.

I was Lucky the rear lights survived. Hereby some additional pictures of the place in Turin where the accident happend.

I need to come back to the shop another time as it's expected the insureance will need to inspect the damage and to verify the money calculation. It's all this hassle and time consuming work on top of it that I dislike very much. Despite I emailed and called the insureance I still don't have their dossier number. So I will chase that now next. Watch this space.

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