Thursday, 29 June 2017

Bonhams auction Goodwood 2017 - Lot 275 - Ferrari 365GT4 2+2

The following auction came to my attention:

My first guess it was Prince Bernhards 365GT4 2+2 due to it's color but it appeared to be a different one and a genuine right-hand model. The car comes with quite a bit of history but the first owner isn't mentioned (By now I have been informed the first owner is N. Oppenheimer). Im curious to see what the outcome will be. Looks like it still requires a bit of work to do.

I also like the introduction text supplied:

'Most important was the double overhead cam engine. Like Rolls-Royce, no horsepower figure was quoted, but surely it was at least 320. More important was its massive amount of torque. Taken together with the turbine-like characteristics of the V12 engine, it mattered little which gear one was in or at what speed.' – Stanley Nowak on the 356GT4 2+2, 'Ferrari on the Road'.

I guess I have another book on my list to buy.

And it got sold for 25k GBP

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