Saturday, 10 June 2017

Auto Gespot : Ferrari 400i Orland Park (IL)

This spot made me happy. Nice to see the car being used and by the looks of it he's taking his son to a soccer game. How cool is that. Furthermore it looks like to be in a good condition. To bad about the US sidemarkers. Strange to see it without a front license plate but I like it though. I also noticed it does have the Original Tornado decals on the Vitaloni mirrors (I still have plenty left for sale, see my blog: And the rear lights seems to have been reversed, meaning blinking lights on the inside instead of the outside. By many the 400 is considered an ugly car. Well, on this parking area I see only ugly cars except the 400
Compliments to this owner. See the link for more supporting photo's:

Spotter Lamborarri
  • Orland Park (IL), United States of America
  • First time spotted in Orland Park (IL)
  • It isn't very often I get to spot classics, and it's even rarer that I spot a classic Ferrari. So you can imagine my surprise spotting this insanely rare Ferrari 400i at my cousin's soccer game at some random park. The owner was really chill and said this is the first time his car has ever been photgraphed, and I think he was almost as excited about that as I was to see this car to begin with. He said he drives it around the area sometimes so hopefully I will get to see it again. According to various websites, they only built around 850 of these and roughly 500 are left today.

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