Sunday, 23 October 2016

Photographs 1972 Pininfarina Ferrari 365 GT4 2+2

These pictures were offered for sale on Ebay. I was hopeful to obtain them as there were no other bidders, likely due to missing 2+2 in the title. The auction expired during my holiday leave so I had put on a higher maximum bid. To my surprise the auction was revoked just a few hours before ending. Sigh. When I asked the seller on what happened I got the following response:

Sorry to say I had sold these and I relished in error. Sorry. If any more come up I will let you know
I will keep your eBay id.

Note the different steering wheel used and the covers on the midconsole dials:

Update 14-11-2016: guess what, I was notified by someone who bought them. Turns out the first picture is the interior of a 365 GTC/4  Aha, I was very much in doubt about that one, so that explains. Also slightly dissapointed about the lying seller.

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