Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Al Fayed + Dodi Fayed + Ferrari 400i

On Fchat I noticed someone mentioning his 400i was previously owned by Al Fayed. This triggered my interest and thus performed a quick search on Google and found this link:

Apparently Al Fayed cleared out his entire car collection in the past and indeed it turned out he had a 400i as well. Further checking learned me he was not the first owner of the 400i, he bought it 2nd hand.

When checking with my sources I was presented this picture of Dodi Fayed standing near #43905, which then belonged to Sheikh Harlan Al-Maktoum. Thought it was a cool picture to share. Clearly he suits the 400 profile and the longfiller is the finishing touch.


  1. The first owner of what is now my 400 was a London based businessman by the name of Irving Levy. He had the car for about 7 years, taking it with him both to New York for a year and then Hong Kong for a couple of years. But he ended up bringing it back to London and it eventually went to Al Fayed.

    1. Thanks for the additional information.