Friday, 28 October 2016

Ferrari 400i Schedoni Luggage / Suitcase Set

I noticed today and yesterday a higher as usual amount of visitors on this blog. Despite the last couple of days I haven't been active on the blog simply because new content is drying up. By now I think I have exhausted most sources and I'm simply reliant on unexepected discoveries, new articles / publications, new maintenance or feedback/input from others. In any case, further checking revealed an increased interest in the following article:

It appears on Fchat someone made a link to it, the actual thread is:

As you will read and see, someone had obtained a nearly complete set for the 400i. It's a very early set and quite unique if you ask me. I had written before about Schedoni and from this I know only 54 sets have been produced for the 400i and 90 for the 412. See blog:

And another related blog:

To my surprise the person in question did happen to be in the Netherlands, so I left him a PM and not much later spoke with him on the phone. Recently I bought some new items for my 400 (more to come up on that in the coming weeks) so with this set now coming available it was bad timing. Then again I considered it too expensive gadgets which will never be used and are only nice to haves. But still, I want them so bad.

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