Friday 7 October 2016

Me and my car : Ferrari 412

No, this is not about me. It's about a column from the autocar & motor magazine (9 November 1988).
And a very interesting one. As you know by now I do like most aspects of the 400; the design, brochures, articles, technical details, automobilia, etc. But I'm also particular interested regarding the first owners. Clearly they must have been financial well secured - this is however not interesting. I'm more interested about their background and motive for purchasing this type of car.

Recently I got in contact with someone who's father purchased a new 365GT4 2+2 in 1975. On my request I was informed it was being used for private usage. The old man bought a new Lamborghini Espada in the late sixites and after six years he just wanted something different. And as such he picked the 365GT4 2+2, simple as that. Unfortunately I couldn't reveal more about his background and exact motive.

But this article does. It's a very good read about the owner who has a design background. But clearly he was a car addict as well. Very funny to read that after his study he was forced, due to financial constraints, to drive around in a Fiat Panda. And only in a few years (5) time, after a few more interesting cars, he uplifts himself to a Ferrari 400. Not bad. And at the age of 34 he bought himself a new Ferrari 412. So clearly a very succesful businessman in this case. I guess he was wrong though about the rocketing prices for this model. Only about 25 years later the prices started to increase a bit.

Typical enough he didn't keep the new 412 long though. It was the last RHD 412 with serial number #81803. See this link for full detail:

Given his age back then, 34, the 400 is a car which is more associated with slightly older men. As neatly summed up by "Car & Driver" which said about the 400i that's a "Ferrari for the guy who has cooled off enough about Ferraris that he no longer has to have a red one". This is a Ferrari for the man who wears suits: the one to have when you've had one of everything else. I guess he fitted in somehow just being very young though.

Enjoy the article, click to enlarge:

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