Saturday, 21 November 2015

Targhetta adesiva scatola - Coperichio Scatalo Destra - Fuses box cover sticker

Remember this blog:

At the bottom of that blog you will read that I discovered that one of stickers on the inside of the fuse cover was missing. It was again an item which I figured was difficult to obtain. Untill someone pointed out to me they were listed on Eurospares (Grazie Dedo!). So I checked and simply ordered a pair:

#114251: Targhetta adesiva scatola Dx
#110361: Targhetta adesiva scatola Sx
Not cheap but worth the price in my opinion. I received them yesterday, so on my next visit I will have them placed. Judging on the back of these stickers I sense these are NOS and not new reprints.

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