Tuesday, 17 November 2015

more 400 owner history

Perhaps you recall this topic: http://erwin400.blogspot.nl/2014/08/ferrari-365400412-koni-load-levelers.html Maybe not. In any case, from time to time I do post a cool picture (at least I hope they are) on a few FB pages of my interest. One being the Fiat Dino group. On a Factory photo I posted I happen to notice it got liked by someone called Lapre. Funny I thought; I now come across his name after I briefly met him, wasn't aware he was in this group as well. Not much later I noticed another like from him on the FB page off Iso Rivolta. I shouldn't be surprised he's on these pages given his background. Out of curiosity I checked his FB profile. It turns out it was his son. So from there I jumped to his father's FB profile. Curious as I am I just had a look at his friends and contacts. To my great surprise I see that one of his connections is "Vroklage meubelen". Rings a bell? No?, read this again: http://erwin400.blogspot.nl/2013/10/monday-22nd-october-car-owner-history.html
Perhaps time to visit him, in fact I was quite curious to see his workshop. Another contact I see on his FB friends is someone who recently joined the Dutch Lancia Thema forum. With whom I'm now also connected due to his search for a cool 8.32  Typical how this all comes together. And today I'm contacted via my blog by someone who has an interest in the Koni shocks offered for sale in the workshop of Lapre. So far so good.

A little later I noticed on the FB group Iso Rivolta a posting by K. Vroklage (in combination with a yellow Iso Grifo). I suspect she must be a relative somehow.The above I ignored for a while untill I noticed a new post by K. Vroklage in the Iso Rivolta FB group. Since there are not much woman on these car fora it's quite noticable, plus her posting is quite a unique picture. This resulted in a few reactions by others. Remarkably one guy asks if she knows George Vroklage (the 2nd owner of my 400). She responds on it and mentions it's her uncle. The guy itself appears to be Dutch, who now lives in the USA and owns a car/appraisal shop (www.memorylanecars.com). It turns out he worked in the past on the cars of George Vroklage. How's that?

So I decided to contact both and make an enquiry if they do happen to know or recall anything about my 400 somehow. A few days went by and I thought I was ignored. But by surprise the guy contacted me a day ago. He saw my message but it went lost somehow and he had not time to respond until now. So I asked him again if he knew about the existence of my 400. It appears he knew about the car as he had seen it at the house of Mr. Vroklage occasionly but only from a distance as he never worked on it. I'm very pleased with this confirmation that backs up the owner history of my car. It's another true story.

Update 16-10-2016: I placed another posting in the FB group Iso Rivolta:


And again this provoked a reaction from her. It appears it was bought new at the time by Mr. Vroklage:

How cool is that?

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