Thursday, 26 November 2015

Do's & Dont's : La Transmission Automatique

Think  again:



Just coming back to the Blenheim article, the 928 intrigues me from a technical and design perspective. It's certainly high on my wanted list. Just like the 400 it's a unliked model. And if I'm not mistaken also the first Porsche with an automatic gearbox. And just like the 400 the majority of the 928 first time buyers opted for the automatic gearbox (80%). Unlike the Ferrari 400 I have not read many negative feedback about the automatic usage in the 928. Which is odd, as Porsche also equals sports/race car. As known, the 928 was intended to replace the 911, so from that perspective you wouldn't expect an automatic version either. Remarkably the 928 uses a Mercedes-Benz automatic gearbox - initially also a 3-speed. Although I have never driven a 928 it looks like a agile car to me (compared with the 400), so from that perspective I would say a manual gearbox would be more appropiate. Then again, it's not a light weight sports car either. So why does an automatic gearbox suit the 928 better then a 400? Or put it differently, why is it acceptable for a 928 and not for a 400? Both are equally true 2+2 GTs.

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