Thursday, 24 April 2014

Private Pit Stop or a Ferrari day in the spring - 1979 | Ferrari 400 Jody Scheckter - Enzo Ferrari

Todays blog continues nicely on the blog of two days ago. I just noticed the story on Villeneuve’s 400 was of course available on THE 400 website:

Today I found this older blog article, or should I say 'story', its including Villeneuve and Scheckter. Very well written and a good read:

Again more information on Jody Scheckter’s 400 can be found on THE 400 website (it does contain a translation in English if  you scroll down). It turns out he had two 400’s and both were automatics:

On their website you will also see a mention about an article of the Magazine “Sports Car Graphic” and a supporting picture of that article:

“Firstly, a brilliant article which appeared in the American car magazine “Sports Car Graphic”, told of a picturesque outing from Monaco to the test track at Fiorano, enjoyed by Scheckter, Villeneuve and the journalist, in Schekter’s chocolate brown 400 GT Automatic, during the spring of 1979"

Unfortunately the picture of the article is hard to read. But it turns out this article is exactly the same as the mentioned blog article, only the title is different: "Private pit stop" :

Further checking learned me that Peter Windsor is the actual writer of this story in the mentioned car magazine. And more checking learned me this was brought up in a small thread on FChat as well:


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