Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Enzo Ferrari - Gilles Villeneuve - Giacobazzi Donelli - Ferrari 400

I found this one on Pinterest. Given it's history I thought it's worthwhile sharing on this blog. This car is claimed to be owned and driven by Enzo. Nice color. It's a manual version by the way. I found some nice additional pictures about Gilles with Enzo and another one with the wine brand by Giacobazzi (Donelli).
For a moment I thought this 400 could be the same version as mentioned in yesterdays blog, but this one is having a black interior:


Questa è la Ferrari 400 con la quale Gilles prese la "famosa" multa ad Imola il 22 aprile del 1982. La vettura, appartenuta e guidata da Enzo Ferrari era stata venduta ad Antonio Giacobazzi il quale la prestava volentieri a Villeneuve quando, soprattutto nel 1981 e 1982, si recava a Maranello con il suo elicottero. Attualmente la vettura è in perfette condizioni d'uso e fa parte della "Collezione Donelli" che ringraziamo per la foto.

This is the Ferrari 400 with which Gilles took the "famous" fine at Imola on April 22, 1982. The car, owned and driven by Enzo Ferrari had been sold to Antonio Giacobazzi who willingly lent the Villeneuve when, especially in 1981 and 1982 went to Maranello with his helicopter. Currently the car is in full working order and is part of the "Collection Donelli" Thank you for the photo.

And some further supporting pictures can be found here:

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