Friday 11 April 2014

Ferrari 400 maintenance : AC airco

Today I booked a day off as I had made an appointment to have the AC checked. I could have done this at any airco specialist but on advise of a friend I went to this one: Apparently the guy is a crack and is very familar with older systems and likes the old skool cars.
It was identified the AC Thermostat was broken, when bypassed all worked fine. As such it was filled up and pressure test was succesfully carried out. Maybe the thermostat can be fixed or needs replacement, for that I will make a new appointment in combination with a new tune up of the carbs.
I just checked their Facebook page and they did add my car visit today. I now see they recently have been tuning a georgeous Lancia Flaminia. Let's first see what I can learn on this specific thermostat and where to obtain it. Tips anyone?

Update: I just saw on Eurospares it's listed as a pressure switch. I guess it might be a combination of being a Thermo and Pressure switch. The part no is 100460. The item is on the 5th picture below.         


  1. Wow! That’s really nice of the repair shop to update their page regularly. That means that they are really serious with their customer service. How is your car’s aircon, by the way? Were you able to have it fixed? Having older car models can be quite tricky, as certain shops don’t really service all kinds of models, but I'm hoping yours is already doing good now. :D

    Bobby Ladson @ George Town Shell

  2. Nice timing Bob. As you can read in my latest blog I have picked up my car from the garage today and they have installed the new pressure switch. All is working ok now.