Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Blog enhancements

The frequent visitor might have noticed I made a small improvement to this blog. It's mostly for my own interest. I created a section on the sidebar regarding "My 400". For now only 2 sections: maintenance and history. So I can easily keep track of it. I simply made use of the labelling option. As such I added another section specific for other interesting labels. For now that's only limited to "book". Furthermore I have enabled "Adsense" to generate a few pennies (literally). Actually I'm not so fond on polluting it with commercials. But Í like to explore and learn more about this field. Since the blog still seems to attract a fair amount of daily visitors it comes in quite handy. I'm not making any effort to publish/advertise this blog elsewhere. So the majority of the blog hits/visits are generated by people searching on 365/400/412 or returning visitors who discovered it. In any case, if you like what you see I welcome any clicks on the Ads as a nice gesture of appreciation.

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