Friday, 14 March 2014

Milestone : 5000 pageviews

Although it's not my interest to gain as much hits as possible it's interesting to see how it's developing though. When I started I only shared the blog with a small incrowd. Of course overtime it got picked up by the search engines and robots (some of them also causing a fair share of the pageviews). So by now lots of the pageviews are also generated by people searching on Google with an interest in the Ferrari 365/400/412. I have seen hits coming from various places like Mongolia, Iraq or Jamaica. But the majority are from Western Europe and the USA. Also the pattern has become more spiky lately. Sometimes I wonder what's causing that. In the snapshot below for last month you can get a good impression:

I was wondering why yesterday I got more than 20 hits on the blog update 'Albert Uderzo'. When I checked I found out someone posted the following tweet: Explaining at least yesterday's spike:

In any case, let's continue the blog and celebrate this milestone with a unique petrolhead advertisement:

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