Sunday, 30 March 2014

A Ferrari 412 with V8 Chevy engine

How weird is that. After yesterdays blog about a 412 with an American V8 my radar catched this website with the following 412:

There was not much supporting text regarding the car or it's background. The black painted headlights indicated this car was likely going to be some kind of project or such. In the same snapshot you will see a red 412 which had the headlights covered in red. As it has the same license plate F130 UOT it was clearly the same car:

This picture had the supporting text: Elo and WIll managed to craft an ingenious hybrid with the Ferrari. But nothing more.

I did some more reverse engineering and found this forum with a topic about this car:

I only knew it was the same 412 because the topic did include the Ebay advert link which is still active:

The picture used on the History webiste is the same as in the given Ebay advert. For the records I will include some of the pictures:


I had already a gut feel what happened with this car. In fact I posted the results already on my blog last year:

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