Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ferrari 400 waterpump rebuild seal kit

Last week I bought a waterpump rebuild /seal  kit. Not that I was in need for it. But it could come in handy at some stage. Since the price was very interesting I thought it could not do any harm to have it on my personal stock.  A similar kit is available on Superformance for 36 GBP (excl. VAT and shipping costs). I obtained it for 5 Euro. It was listed on Ebay in The Netherlands and got charged 7 Euro shipping costs. Of course I asked if they could ship via normal post against a better rate (since it will fit in an envelope and doesn’t need to be an expensive parcel). They refused as the costs were clearly stated in the description and I was told not to moan about it afterwards. Slightly annoyed I paid anyway. To my surprise I was called by my wife today to inform me someone had delivered an item for the Ferrari and asking for me. It turned out the seller delivered the item by himself. As he was in the area he was interested to meet up and see if he could offer any support. How nice! It turns out he has a garage specialized in classic cars: Something I figured out already as I spotted a 400 for sale by him a while ago (even before I decided to go for a 400). I don’t remember the exact price anymore but it was fairly on the low end. Back then I didn’t knew he had a garage with specialized services, thought it was a private seller. Much later I stumbled upon his website and the restoration of a 400 engine. When I saw the Ebay advert I noticed the object location and figured out it had to be this company/person. As he left his business card behind I gave him a call to have a chat with him. It appeared to be a very friendly and knowledgeable techie with good contacts in the scene. I will create a new section on the sidebar for (Dutch) companies as reference.

 As for the 400, it was sold already a while back - it went to Germany. Details of this car and the engine is still available here. Consider this a pre-hunt review:

As you might know by now, I don’t fancy the red color on a 400. But also the interior looked a bit scruffy. Furthermore it did even had the window trim painted black and some other details I didn't like, ie USA reflectors. Despite the overhauled engine, which is a huge plus, I thought it was better to leave it and go for a more original exemplar. Typical how this all comes back together by buying a silly waterpump seal kit on Ebay.

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