Monday 10 February 2014

Ferrari 400i manual 1981 for sale - Sold in 2 days

It Always strikes me how many 365/400/412 are up for sale. I definitely will not publish each of them on this blog. But there are Always exceptions. The following car was catched by my radar on Friday. For VIN tracking purposes I keep a F400 club member informed. He came back to me on Sunday asking if I had captured the pictures. The car was no longer available on their website. It turned out the car was sold on Saturday. Although the majority of the listed adverts were removed I found this one still present. So I made a snapshot of it - just for the records.

I sense the F400 community got accustomed to low prices. In fact, over the past 15-20 years a decent model could be picked up for around 25k US Dollar. In Europe mainland prices were around 25k Euro. Lately I see a small shift in creeping up prices for good examples, this one is no different. If you fancy an affordable classic Ferrari V12 GT I wouldn't wait much longer.

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