Saturday, 22 February 2014

Ciao Agip!

Today I returned back from wintersport in Swiss. As I was driving close by the France border I figured it would be good plan to make a pitstop at Fratello 8.32 in the Alsace. So I gave him a call and agreed to meet up around lunchtime. Also a nice opportunity for the rest of the family to meet up with his family. We were welcomed with a nice cappucinno and for lunch we got a flammkuchen (tarte flambee) - which is a local traditional dish.

Another thing that has become some kind of tradition is that we hand out some automobilia. This time he had collected some very cool Agip petroliana. A complete set of Original sweaters, jackets and a cap. And on top of that he also obtained a full set of Agip dishes! And there is more, on my tip he again scored a large AGIP light sign.

He was so kind to share a few items with me. So now I have set of Agip coffee mugs and a nice fleece shirt. And my son got a fleece shirt as well. Very much appreciated Jos!

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