Sunday, 16 February 2014

Ferrari 400 / 412 Luggage - Mauro Schedoni

When I came across this brochure for Ferrari Luggage I did little know about the originator:

It appears these are bespoke made by the company Schedoni. Their website does contain a very
nice section on the history of the company and how they became partner with Ferrari:

I also included a scan of an article in the "Ferrari Story" magazine about the company Schedoni (just click on the picture to enlarge it or download it locally).

Now, I still need to hunt down a complete set of Luggage for the Ferrari 400. I did happen to see a set for sale for a Mondial - I think this set comes the closest (the 400 has even 4 of those large suitcases instead of 3). It appears these are even stamped/marked Mondial on it.

So I figured, why not contact Schedoni directly? With a bit of luck they somehow might have something on stock. You never know. I got the following response: Unfortunately, we do not have any luggage in stock for the 400i (or 412): production of these sets was made long time ago and only upon order from Ferrari.

I was advised to check at and see if there’s a set available there
(I will add them to the Automobilia section). Unfortunately this is a website that requires a subscription. 
I was very curious to know how many sets were produced, just for the records and to get a feeler on my chances. Furthermore I was interested to see if they would produce a new set on request. I got the following response:

We have produced 54 sets of luggage for the 400i between 1980 and 1985 plus 90 sets for the 412 between 1986 and 1993.
Unfortunately, we no longer have the patterns to produce the set and to create brand new patterns would be very expensive…

So I guess I need to have a bit of patience to catch it. Bon voyage.


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