Wednesday, 25 October 2017

For sale: RHD Ferrari 400 GTI Coupe

I noticed this rare 400i manual RHD for sale. Just posting it here for the records and the details about the ownership. Keeps surprising me how little some of these cars has been driven. The first owner had it for 3 years and totalled only 6.000 miles:

The car was first registered on 14th May 1985 by Maranello Sales Ltd. to Mr Robert Michaels of London, who is well known for owning a number of Ferraris, including a Daytona Spider that is now owned by the Sultan of Brunei. After purchase, the electric sunroof was installed by Golde Sunroofs of Basingstoke, prior to delivery on 2nd June 1985.

On 19th April 1988 ‘50157’ had covered 6,000 miles and was sold to long-standing Ferrari owner Mr Ed Fehler of Essex and registered with number plate ‘111 EJF’. During his period of ownership, a new speedometer was fitted by respected Ferrari restorer Terry Hoyle in 1993, at which point the original had recorded some 15,000 miles. Terry Hoyle later purchased the car for his own use, but never registered it in his own name; it was later part-exchanged at Garage on the Green in London for a Ferrari 330GT 2+2.

In January 2002 this Ferrari 400 GTi was reregistered as ‘1 DYV’ by Mr Roy Spiers of Dorset, who had a new clutch fitted by an experienced mechanic formerly of HR Owen, Emblem Sportscars, Nigel Mansell Sports Cars and Westover. ‘50157’ was then briefly sold to David Miller of Forza 288 who transferred the registration number before selling it to Peter Digby of Colhester on 28th April 2003. A year later, the car had covered 26,000 miles and was sold to Mr John Markey of Beacon Hill Garage, who reregistered it to display the current number plate: ‘TIA 910’.

The last registered owner was a Mr David Wilson of London, who purchased the car in November 2005 with a recorded mileage of 28,000 miles. During his ownership, a new fuse box and ignition system was fitted by Meridian Modena.

Update 27-10-2017: the Original auction details from 2009:

And more competition, another 2 x RHD manual for sale at:

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