Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Finland : Ferrari 400 for sale

I noticed this 400 for sale in Finland. I'm only publishing it due to it's location. There are not many 400's around in the Nordics and I doubt if they have been sold new overthere. It's a nice 1977 carb version with a nice color combo.


Update 5-10-2107: Seems like I was right as there weren’t any 400s imported new to the Nordics. In fact no new Ferraris were sold in Sweden between 1977-1984 due to emissions (Just like in the USA). As for Finland and Norway they don't even have an official dealership available today. 

There were quite a few 365s though – at least 4 through official Swedish channels and probably more via Germany etc.  There was a 412 in Sweden by 1991 but it’s not confirmed if it was sold new here or not – probably not. 

The VIN is 22577 and first registered by the Germany company: Fa. Walter, Verlags-u Werbe GmbH

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