Monday, 26 December 2016

Petrolicious #DriveTastefully Ferrari 400

The following was posted yesterday on the Petrolicious Facebook page. I was very surprised to see such a high amount of likes for this unbeloved specimen. Over more then 2.3k likes in about 24h. Even the 34 reactions were pretty much ok, only a very few negative remaks, usually that's the other way around. I checked a little further to see how much the other Petrolicious postings were liked and in comparisson this posting did very well (taken in account this car is generally not very admired - for now). Note that Petrolicious has a very broad global audience (733.718 followers) and obviously these are all car enthusiast - and I suspect silently many of them do have a soft spot for it nevertheless. As for the picture, I almost tend to say it's exemplary for the 400. It's typical how often I have seen the 400 somewhere stuffed away. It's not unusual to see it part of a wider collection either. Often it's limited visible somewhere in the background. It's rarely on the foreground or claiming attention. Still it's a very elegant and sleek model. I can imagine a lot of the first time buyers appreciated this fact as well. It's simply not done to show off but all about class. Personally I consider it a hidden gem for the connaisseurs. And judging on my observations lately I can see an increased interest for this model.

See also this older article by Petrolicous:

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