Friday, 30 December 2016

Ferrari toolbag kit - Battaini

Recently I was approached by someone with some questions about the toolbag and it's required content. This was simple to answer as it's listed in the owners manual. For those interested, these manuals are all available in my public download folder:

As such I knew for the 400 (1976-1979) model the following is required:

- lifting jack
- emergency triangle
- alternator belt
- 2 control belts for hydraulic steering pump
- wheels removing spanner

I'm Lucky as this complete toolbag and content was with the car when I bought it:

The person in question wanted to reproduce the toolbag since prices for these kits are very steep. So I provided him the measurements. When asking about the tools he mentioned the jack was used by other Italian cars as well. This shouldn't be a surprise of course. When checking mine I couldn't find any name or printed markings on it. But apparently they are produced by Battaini. Another name I never heard off before. When doing some additional checks I noticed some of these have a Battaini decal on it. And on Ebay I found some nice reprints so I ordered a pair for completeness - although I don't think they were put on the Ferrari jacks though. And they arrived today by email:

I coulnd't find any related website of this brand Battaini rovate varese. Though they do seem to have an email address:

Officina Meccanica Battaini Srl
Via Monte Santo 8/10 21040 Rovate
Tel.: 0331987065

Google maps coulnd't find the address though? When checking further with the zipcode the placename is apparently Carnago, which is next to Rovate. But with this address I got stuck as well. It seems to be a normal street with houses. Typical. Also checking the domain of the email address reveals it's not registered anymore thus available. And when calling their telephone number it turns out to be death. I suspect this company did not survived either. Strange how many online directories still show them. And I couldn't find anymore history about this company either.

As I was working on the other cars today I had also the opportunity to put the decal on it:

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