Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Magazine Symbol : Advert - Made in Italy by Italstyle under the authority Ferrari

I got ahold of another very unique advert with a Ferrari 400 as prop. It was printed in a magazine called Symbol. A magazine I never heard of before. I found it by surprise. When I purchased a brochure I asked the seller if he had any other material containing Ferrari 400 related information. And he came up with this magazine. It was First published in December 1978, Symbol Magazine was "dedicated to the friends of Ferrari, Riva and Rolls Royce" and published semi-annually in winter and summer, with the last issue believed to date from Autumn 1994. It comprised mainly "life-style" features targeting the interests of the wealthy (and very wealthy) with a few car and boat related articles thrown in. I have been informed that in total 32 editions have been published.

As for the advert, it was another company I never heard of before. Apparently they were licensed to sell Ferrari fashion items, mostly clothing. The company Italstyle started in 1979 and went bankrupt in 1986.

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