Saturday, 19 September 2015

Ferrari’s Automatic Revolution by David McKay

I got my hands on this article taken from the Australian magazine Modern Motor. It’s written by David McKay and judging by the Wiki I think he can be considered an authority:

It’s a time period written article from 1978 and it gives a very interesting insight about some aspects. Mostly is of course about the automatic gearbox usage. But there is also mentioning about new impatient clients picking up their 400 from the factory. Apparently there was a huge demand for the 400 automatic, more then was anticipated by Ferrari themselves. As known; about 75% was delivered with an automatic (for RHD 400’s it was even 80%).

Personally I would be very interested to get in touch with the first time buyers of a new Ferrari 400 (read 365/400/412). Especially to hear about their motivations why they particular choose a 400 and their preference for automatic or manual. And of course as well to hear about how they experienced the car and for which purpose it was used, ie family/leisure/business/collection.

If you happen to be a 1st time buyer of a new Ferrari 400 or know someone who was (ask the questions on my behalf) then I’m interested in hearing from you. Needless to say it will be treated confidential. My email address can be found at the bottom of the blog (about me). Or go directly here

Just coming back to the automatic gearbox. I did wrote about it previously, see blog:
It’s more or less a match of what’s written in this article. I’m not saying the automatic is better than manual but surely it deserves more recognition. I fully agree with the statement of the author that the manual is the nicest option on the open roads. However todays roads tends to be fairly crowded or else protected with speed limiting obstacles. Furthermore the 400 is not exactly an agile car or a race car so in my opinion the automatic usage suites the car nicely on most occasions. In the end it clearly is a personal preference. Happy driving everyone!
Enjoy the article, it's now available in the download folder or click here:

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