Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Cinecars : Le pantere della polizia Italiana

Recently I have been in touch with the folks of Cinecars. It’s a small team who are creating high quality movies about cars and their owners. But they also make reportages about automotive events and other related car matters. All of this is created with limited funding and with support from a small incrowd. With their help we have been able to make a reportage about a very important car designer and yes, it involves the 400. I anticipate it will be released after the summer holidays. It’s actually quite a story and I will of course create a blog about this adventure. So consider this an early heads up.

Meanwhile Cinecars are working on another project which can only happen with sufficient funding. For this they have created a crowdfunding campagne. They are pretty close to the set financial target but it needs an extra push. The project is about the Italian Police cars, you can read all about it here:
If you fancy this project or car history in general then we welcome your donation. Of course you can also donate for the fact they have freely contributed in making a special about the car designer of your beloved 400.  


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