Monday, 15 June 2015

Ferrari 400 Rock and Roll

And this morning I arrived back home again. And what a weekend it was. A lot of high velocity driving on the German Autobahn, cruising through the Swiss Alps and speeding on the Italian Autostrada. And on the way back a small piece via France where it's now parked for another nice roadtrip in the Alsace the upcoming coming weekend (Thanks Jos!).

I'm still overwhelmed regarding the trip and the visits made. More on that in a seperate blog. First a note regarding the 400. Again it behaved very well and it was more or less a flawless trip. I didn't do anything specific in advance except for washing, checking the oil and pumping up the tyres. Just like last year I have driven all possible road conditions and weather types (on the way back to much rain - 5 hours); High ways, country roads, mountains, crowded cities, traffic jams. When I arrived in Torino I had the oil checked and hardly anything was used, if at all (at least I didn't add anything). I haven't checked when I parked it in France but I don't anticipate much will be required. Oil pressure was good at all times, and same for the water and oil temperature (never above 90C). Oil temp only creeped up to 100C when speeding above 200 kmh. Driving above 200 kmh goes very easy and feels comfortable. The torque is really pleasant and addictive. The car is still capable in reaching it's top speed (at great ease). So all in all a very pleasant drive.

Oh, one small electric gremlin occurred. The airblower stopped working unexpectly. The next day it worked again and the other day it stopped again. I expect it to be a minor thing.

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