Saturday, 27 June 2015

Bonnet struts replacement

Remember this one?

Well, finally today I had time to take care of this task. Typical how the most easy task takes the longest time to complete. Then again, it's less important then engine or other maintenance. In order to remove the struts I had to remove the side strips so I could get my hands under the bonnet isolation and remove the clip and the pin. It's a bit of fiddling but very doable.

The struts fitted nicely, except that one side had to be drilled out to fit the pin. Again, a minor job.

Then putting the sides strips on again with new pop-rivets and presto

The only big difference with the originals struts are the mounting ends which are smaller but it's not causing any issue or whatsoever.

When closing the bonnet the left side now does require a light push to close entirely.

And for the records, the Original struts are made by Gilardini Corte & Cosso

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