Saturday, 17 May 2014

More Hunting : Ferrari 400 manual + carbs - for sale & sold in 1 day.

I was hoping the purchase of my 400 would cool me down a little in my desire to own a cool GT. The contrary happens to be true. I'm still searching around actively and I'm still having my radar enabled for 400 items. Somehow my radar was not working yesterday. When playing around in the evening on my Smartphone I figured to install the Autoscout app. The first search I ran was of course on a 400. To my surprise I saw a fresh one listed for cheap money. And it was based in the NL. As I was curious I jumped in the car this morning and visited the car to inspect it. If it was meeting my criteria level (and the price) I potentially wanted to buy it. It was still at the location but it was already sold yesterday (the same day when it got advertised). The car came with full history on the maintenance (a lot!). Based on that I reckon the car was technical fairly good. But the body work did require serious attention, especially both front and rear window edges had serious rust. Also the exhaust was Original and needed replacement. Same story for the tyres. Furthermore it had the usual wear on the interior and door rubbers. The engine bay looked decent but showed many items a bit corroded. During my visit I think the garage owner did got at least 6 calls for this car (including international callers). I think he realized too he sold to quick for to little. Find below a random selection of detailed pictures. I wonder when and where this one will show up next. It has a good basis for a restoration and worth the effort in my opinion. Last wake up call before others start realizing these are the last true V12s with carbs packed in a splendid design.




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