Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Ferrari 400 - KONI Oud Beijerland - Prince Bernhard

Today I had quite a special day as I have visited Koni. As you might know it was due to Prince Bernhard that Ferrari got equipped with these type of shocks. He was close friends with Enzo Ferrari and so it happened this Dutch brand got used for their cars. I had taken this nice shot of my 400 in front of the old Koni entrace. The same building as you can see on the picture with Prince Bernhard and his 400 superamerica. That was the car that got the improved shocks provided by Koni. I only parked my car on the other side with their logo. Thought that was more cool.
I met some of the staff who equally liked the visit of the 400. We got served a nice lunch and we got handed out some official Koni shirts. One of the guys gave me some extra goodies, a patch, stickers and some old style Koni stickers. I'm extremely pleased with this gift.

Opening of the new Koni factory by Prince Bernhard:

Prince Bernhard & Enzo Ferrari


A Dutch article which paints a nice historic and present picture:

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