Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Robert Jankel Design - Le Marquis - Ferrari 400 Convertible & Ferrari 400 4 door limousine

A very rare item that was on my wish list for a long time. I finally obtained the brochure. And even better; it came along with the letter and optional price listings for each of the models (this wasn’t mentioned/visible in the advert, so a welcomed surprise).

Le Marquis coachbuilding company limited was a separate entity by Robert Jankel. Mostly known for making enhancements to Mercedes and Rolls Royce. But they have been doing work on Ferrari’s as well.

Their 4 door conversion of a 400i is likely a fairly “known” model. The convertible version by Jankel is lesser known. In fact I only discovered the 412 convertible last year. And it’s still for sale:


But the brochure shows another 400i convertible in brown. At first I figured the 412 convertible was perhaps a resprayed/modified 400i . Main reason was due to it’s rims. But on closer inspection
the 412 looked genuine and all other details were matching, ie orange gauges, skirts, higher rear body-end. Except the rims, which is odd as the 412 are very specific to support the ABS brakes. Still they look to be normal 400i rims. So at least there are 2 convertibles made by them. I wonder if there are any more made by them.

The provided option list is interesting as well. The entire brochure is now available in the download folder.

The company is still around and is currently specialized in armored cars and other sorts of special vehicles, see their website: http://www.jankel.com/

More history on Robert Jankel can be read here:

And a nice video about how they performed their work in the eighties:

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