Monday, 2 April 2018

Mohammad Reza Palhavi’s Car Collection - Shah of Iran

I came across the following Instagram posting, while it's focussed on the Lamborghini Miura I noticed this Ferrari 365GT4 2+2 in the background.

> Mohammad Reza Palhavi’s Car Collection, Lamborghini Miura SVJ • This is the first official Miura SVJ built by the factory, s/n 4934 and engine number 30685. It was delivered to Mohammad Reza Palhavi in December 1971. Legend says the Shah ordered a second Miura SV - he already owned an SV, s/n 4870 - with only one request: it had to be special. So, Lamborghini took an Ischia blue SV body from the production line and cut custom brake vents behind the front and rear wheels, much like those seen on the Jota and installed numerous rivets all over. Fixed headlight units were mounted covered by plexiglass and a race type fuel filler cap was installed in the front hood, naturally a front spoiler was mounted and a custom race suspension lowered the car. A single windscreen whiper was mounted and to top off these modifications a magnificent sounding open race exhaust was coupled to the altered dry sump V12 engine, sending chills down your spine whenever you touched the gas pedal. The car was finished in a dark Burgundy metallic shade, contrasting heavily with the white leather interior, after completion of the car it was tested by Bob Wallace. The price was around Lire 13M while a standard Miura SV was available for “only” Lire 8M - at that time. The very first SVJ was then abandoned in the Imperial garage by the Shah in 1972, so no further maintenance was done and during the 1979 Iranian revolution the car was confiscated together with all Shah's other cars. The car got refreshed in the early 90s, sold in Dubai during 1995 and offered for auction in 1997 by Brooks, during the Geneva Auto Show. Nicolas Cage bought it and kept it in his collection until early 2004, when it was acquired by a UK collector • #motoringtitude #carculture #carporn #lamborghini #miura #carphotography #cars #madeinitaly #italiancars #classiccars #supercars #amazingcars247 #motorvalley #carswithoutlimits #whatitalyis #luxury #carcollectors #lifestyle #spring #sunshine #exoticcars #exotics @lamborghini
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More history about the car can be read on the 400 Club website:

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