Sunday 5 November 2017

Ferrari 400 Cromodora Wheels / Rims 15 x 7,5

Last week I noticed a complete set of Ferrari 400 wheels for sale in the Netherlands. It appeared to be the right ones for the 400 Carb version - which are slightly different then the ones used on a 400i. So perfect for my car to have for spare. They were located at a garage nearby who were specialized in Porsches. The seller mentioned he had bought a while back a large batch of rims which did include this Ferrari set. They tried to fit them on a 308 but that didn't work out. I managed to agree on a fair price and as such I picked them up yesterday. I went with the 400 as the weather was very good, so a nice opportunity to make a little trip with the 400. I also thought they would fit in the boot but I forgot the tyres were included. So one pair ended up on the back seat. Although the rims look okay-ish they should be reconditioned. Last year I also bought a complete set of Michelin XWXs so this can be nicely combined but I'm not in a hurry. First some other items needs to be taken care off.

Nice combo picture of the 400 and the kC - which is my daily driver.

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