Saturday, 4 November 2017

1972/1973 Kroymans Brochure - Ferrari 365 GT 4 2+2

Kroymans became official Ferrari importer in the Netherlands in late 1972. Prior to Kroymans it was arranged by Drs. P.F. Schouwenburg in coop with garage "Record" in Amsterdam on behalf of Benelux importer Garage Francorchamps (J. Swaters) in Brussel. I managed to find a leaflet of them below this listed Kroymans brochure. This Kroymans brochure is now available in the download folder.

Interesting to read the Dino 246 has listed 195 HP. The same unmodified 2.4 engine used in the Fiat Dino produces 180 HP. I suspect also the top speed is slightly exaggerated. Also interesting to see this specific car range which makes a nice comparisson. Only the 400 is build at Pininfarina and all the others by Scaglieti. The cars came with Voxson Stereo's. And have a look at the prices (in Dutch Guilders - excluding VAT!):

246 GT Dino Coupe:     42.931,- 
246 GTS Dino Spyder:  46.379,-
365 GTB 4 Daytona:     81.465,-
365 GTC 4:                    84.051,-
365 GT 4/2+2:             111.637,- 
365 Berlinetta Boxer:  126.206,-

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