Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Kroymans press map 1987 Ferrari 412

I got ahold of this Dutch press map / brochure by Kroymans. Not very spectacular but still a nice piece to have. It does have all the specs, pictures, leaflet and pricelist for the available Ferrari models in 1987. A complete scan is now available in the download folder (brochure directory).

Only 300 of these press maps have been printed. One page had a nice overview of the production numbers per year. Interesting to see the climb up of production number year by year untill 1973 which thens shows a dip for a few years caused by the oil crisis. It takes till 1978 to reach higher selling numbers as in 1972.

The 1987 pricelist was also a kind reminder how expensive such car was back then. The 328 and Mondial were fairly cheap compared to the 412 and the Testarossa. You would be surprised to see the mondial being more expensive as the 328.

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