Thursday, 21 September 2017

BAT : 38K-Mile 1980 Ferrari 400i Project

Yes, another BAT 400. What a great looker despite it might has some work to do. And a fantastic photo reportage. Enjoy the BAT comments:

Some additional information about this car obtained via FChat:

"It's an early car to have TRXs (and the Nardi wheel). However despite an early 1980 build date, it was not sold until 4 June 1981 so I suspect that it was given 1981 model updates prior to sale. First owner was Pierre Chave of Switzerland who later had a 288 GTO. When Doyle Schiffman bought it at the end of 1988 it had 33,000 miles at that point (and 36,705 miles by early 1990) so has hardly been used since then given it is now showing 37,607 miles."

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