Saturday, 25 June 2016

Cars at the movies - Petrolicious

Just a retrospective update about an event I went to with the 400. Last weekend there was a premiere movie about Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans presented at the Cinemec in Utrecht. It's a new concept launched by "cars at the movies" which is aiming at petrolheads. Just read all about it on their own website:

or their FB page:

As said, I went there with the 400 and I was not the only one showing up with a special car.


Prior to the movie they had an interesting guest lined up for an interview (Tom Coronel). After this a matching Petrolicous video was presented. To see this video on the big screen in combination with the Cinema sound system was worth the visit only:


The movie itself was some kind of documentary which revealed quite a bit of interesting insight. Afterwards there were drinks, snacks and some winners were announced. To my surprise they also made a small selection on the special cars that showed up. And yes, I won a price as well. A Tag Heuer goodie bag with some Tag Heuer items. How nice!

I'm definately going to take a close look on their agenda as I have seen some other classic car movies listed which I'm very interested to see and hear on the big screen. Perhaps a nice occassion to meet up with other Dutch 400 owners. Watch this space ;-)

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