Saturday, 4 June 2016

Auction : 1978 Ferrari 400 Automatic

Lately quite a few 400s are offered on the market. Varying in quality, price and model. This one attracted my attention as I consider it close to mine. Just curious to see for how much this one will go.
My gut feel says it will go for at least € 75k. Good specimens are now hard to find below € 50k (at least in Europe). To bad this one doesn't have the black intersection on the back which makes it slightly less Original in my opinion.

Furthermore the advert does contain an interesting paragraph which I'm adding for the records:

In 1972, Ferrari presented its new twelve-cylinder touring car, the 365 GT 2+2 in Paris at the booth of Charles Pozzi. Reactions to the design from Pininfarina were relatively harsh, the unanimous opinion was that it was not spectacular enough. That’s not what Ferrari wanted, so its target clientele became traveling businessmen. And this was met with pinpoint accuracy.



Update 26-6-2016: I just checked and it got sold for:
EUR 64.400 ,-
USD 71.500 ,-
Fair price (it does include the auction premium, etc) for a proper car like this.

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