Thursday, 17 March 2016

Book 1984 Supercar Road Tests - Ferrari 400

How's that, a BMW M1 on this blog. Interestingly this German car does have the Vitaloni Tornado mirrors just like the 400. And yes, it does have the Tornado sticker on it as well (albeit only on the left side). For those who are unaware I still have a few stickers left, see this blog:

At first I had bought this book in the German language and quickly I noticed all the cars in this book had English license plates. So it turned out it was originally published as an English book. So now I have both. It does contain quite a lot of articles about cars which I consider interesting. If any of the German readers is interesting in buying my German version just drop me a note. You can have it for € 10,- (excl. shipping).  The book ISBN is:

ISBN 10:060035041X
ISBN 13:9780600350415
The article is now available in the download folder:

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